School updates

ISI provides regular updates to association schools about any changes to inspection practice.

Please see below our latest middle of term update for the 2022-23 academic year.

Additional guidance for schools is available in the ISI Portal (login required).

Framework 2023 Update

Thank you very much to all those who contributed to the consultation on our new framework proposals.

The consultation has now closed and the consultation report will be published in November.

The framework development continues with pilots at a range of schools during autumn and spring. We anticipate that during the autumn term we will be exploring approaches to evidence gathering, managing the inspection process and building relationships on inspection, and in the spring term we will focus on evaluating the effectiveness of provision under the proposed framework, building towards piloting a complete inspection.

Most importantly, we will be welcoming feedback from pilot schools, which will feed into the final framework.

The final inspection framework we strongly anticipate will be published by Easter 2023.

More information can be found here. Please send any questions through to
Updated Cmplaints Policy

We have reviewed and updated our Complaints policy and it is available here. Please note:

The opportunity to raise an informal complaint now occurs directly once the inspection has concluded.

The opportunity to raise a formal complaint now occurs at the Factual Accuracy Check (FAC) stage when the school receives the draft inspection report for comment. 

School Information on the ISI portal

Please make sure the data for your school is up-to-date.

Without accurate information, we are not able to schedule and carry out inspections successfully.

We also need boarding information (if applicable) so we can invoice your school for the correct amount for the annual inspection charge.
If you have already updated the information below recently then thank you, there is no need to update again.

If you require support with the online system or are experiencing difficulties with logging in, please email and we will assist you.

Thank you for your assistance.

Team Inspector Recruitment

Initial team inspector recruitment remains paused for the time being.

We will be in contact with all those who have expressed interest in due course.